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Virginia Polytechnic University Cassell Coliseum 1978. The Grateful Dead performed here the night this photo was taken

Photographs are for purchase as limited edition prints - Above: Cassell Coliseum #78c10-24
Photograph of The Grateful Dead performing Virginia Polytechnic University Coliseum 1978
Everybody cept Keith - Image #78C24-11
A rare photograph of Bobby Weir Donna and Jerry Garcia singing into one microphone. Photograph copyright James R Anderson
A rare moment sharing a mic - Image #78C11-24
Bobby Weir Donna Godchaux and Jerry Garcia, The Grateful Dead 14 April 1978 Blacksburg, Virginia. Photograph copyright James R Anderson
Jerry clapping? Another rare moment ! - Image #78C11-26
Show notes: There is no record of which song was being played during these shots.
All are the first set however, and the only photos being made available of this show.

© James R Anderson 1978 & 2011 All Rights Reserved

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