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in concert | live performance | stage, arena & stadium lighting image capture.
photographic documentation for the lighting & set design professional since the mid 1970's


performance lighting assignments

Eric Clapton Nothing But The Blues Tour**

Furthur Festivals 1997-2000*

Joe Satriani*** (photos coming)

Pete Townsend** (photos coming)

Featuring the work of these Lighting Designers:
*Candace Brightman ** Tom Kenny ***Chris Varrin


lighting design and concert clients

Candace Brightman | Animated Architecture

Grateful Dead Productions, Formerly Novato, CA

Rhino Entertainment

John Lobel, PRG
formerly with Light and Sound Design

Lighting Dimensions Magazine

Wet Studios, San Francisco

VH-1 Network


office/mobile 203-281-0717


Performance Lighting and Set Designers:

I am available to shoot your next gig local to New York and Boston or anywhere on the road. Give me a call to discuss how I can get your work documented and a great portfolio created for you without relying of the myriad of images that may or may not come your way while your busy creating your art. My approach is a cohesive, professionally captured package of still and or moving images of specific show looks, focus captures and live performance. I meet with you ahead of time and work closely with LD's to create our strategy on each assignment. Shooting with the latest Nikon cameras with pro lenses for both still and 1080P HD Video any method of digital output your needs require are at hand. My rates are fair and equitable.

Most all of my performance photographs on this site are for sale in print form.
Photoshelter galleries are set up for the online purchase of photograph prints, rights managed publication, and some products such as t-shirts and greeting cards.

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