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Jim Anderson's Grateful Dead & Rock Concert Photography
Limited Edition Prints

 Photographs are printed to order, with a limited edition of 100 prints of any single image.
 The venue and show date can be identified in the bottom left border. Indicate if you would like this or not.
 Your print is then numbered and personally signed by the photographer with an archival ink pen
 The song being played when a photo is taken may be on record and scribed in the caption if you request.
 The embedded copyright/credit notice that appears within the photos on this site is never reproduced on your print

Text imprinting is used with online images only for copyright identification and image owner protection

Custom Color and B&W Giclee Photos. Lovingly printed with the eyes and hands of the Photographer

35mm Film

Print Price Med Format Film Original** Print Price
8.5x11 paper
7x10.5 image
150.00 8.5x11 paper
8x10 image
11x17 paper
10x15 image

11x14 paper
10x13 image

13x19 paper
12x18 image
300.00 16x20 image
20x24 paper
16X24 image
17x25 paper
400.00 20x24 image
26x30 paper
20X30 image
24x36 paper

500.00 24x24 image
30x30 paper

These prices apply to mail orders, by check or money order, only. Online credit card orders are priced differently.

If a limited edition collectable print isn't what your looking for, I have a vast selection of more recent work at much lower cost
The Dead, Furthur, other Rock Bands, all priced low. They are not custom hand printed, nor signed and limited.
Check the shows after 1995 and all my concert images on Photoshelter for low pricing with special holiday deals

I will attempt to explain the cropping process from original media image capture to photographic print paper:

**Print sizes from 35mm slide or negative originals:
Image size of 35mm film is 24x36mm in the camera, a ratio of 2 to 3, which I usually preserve
in the printing process. If un-cropped, they do not fill the old standard photo paper sizes (8x10, 11x14 & 16x20)
to all 4 edges without creating a wider border at the top and bottom of the paper.

**Print sizes from med format film originals - Photographs in this format are square and mostly photographed
from 1991 to 1995 of the full stage & lighting design. Except for a few b&w hasselblad images from Dillon '74
Medium format film is 2.25" square in the camera and then cropped to fully fit standard photo paper sizes or may be presented full frame as a square

Custom size prints are also available - write or call for a quote
Some amount of cropping compared to what appears on this web site may occur in printing at the artistic discretion of the photographer

About Payment

All prints are hand made to order. Payment is made in advance by check, money order or credit card

Important note for credit card customers
I am in the process of mirroring the Grateful Dead galleries over to PhotoShelter to ease the process of online ordering and also allow for more print pricing options on a wide variety of my assignment photography. If you wish to order a GD pring right now by credit card, and it's not yet on PhotoShelter, I will post that photo or gallery there right away so you can place your order. Just email me that your interested in a purchase. Prices are higher on there due to commissions I have to pay Photoshelter and Paypal. Your still welcome to place your order by check or money order through the mail of course, and it will save you a few bucks.
Thanks !

Though I no longer process credit cards through Yankee Harvest,
your still invited to visit YankeeHarvest.com, my sisters online business.
They are a purveyor of New England gifts, crafts & foods. Feel free to check out their site for gift ideas too.
They take all credit cards including international.

About packing, shipping & framing

8.5x11 Photographs are carefully packaged and shipped flat via US priority mail.
Larger sizes are shipped by either Priority Mail or via Federal Express in a tube.
Fed-X shipments are insured against damage in transport and must be signed for.

Prints are shipped un-mounted, flat, or in tubes when size requires. I do not mount, matt or frame.
Shipping framed prints properly is expensive and more at risk to damage.
I believe framing to be a personal procedure dependant on your taste and environment.
You should consult your local framer for the best presentation in your home or office.
If you really feel that you would order a limited edition print if I were to frame it for you,
please let me know. I will take it into serious consideration on a case by case basis.

Click here for information about sales to the media and corporate use of images

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